My name is Anastasia McInerney and Iโ€™m a third year Journalism student at RMIT University.

I currently intern at i-D magazine Australia.

I previously interned at Fashion Journal where I wrote content for online. My work was also featured in the print issue, distributed Australia wide.

This year I was a VAMFF volunteer, and also wrote fashion reports as a VoxFrock rookie for Janice Breen Burns.

I have internedย at ELLE in Sydney, where I experienced the inner workings of a high profile fashion magazine.

I was previously anย editorial committee member for RMITโ€™s CATALYST magazine, having established and contributed to the fashion division of the magazine. A highlight was writing for the Bachelor of Fashion (Honours) Graduate Show, The Line Up, where Catalyst magazine featured in the showโ€™s giftbags.

My fervidย interest in fashion extends far beyond the love of a skirt or a pair of shoes.

Interested in challenging perceptions of the trivial nature of fashion, I aim to create a considered and thought provoking dialogue about fashion (with the odd preach about a pretty dress sprinkled in).

Feel free to contact via email at

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