My name is Anastasia McInerney and I’m a third year Journalism student at RMIT University.

I currently intern at i-D magazine Australia.

I previously interned at Fashion Journal where I wrote content for online. My work was also featured in the print issue, distributed Australia wide.

This year I was a VAMFF volunteer, and also wrote fashion reports as a VoxFrock rookie for Janice Breen Burns.

I have interned at ELLE in Sydney, where I experienced the inner workings of a high profile fashion magazine.

I was previously an editorial committee member for RMIT’s CATALYST magazine, having established and contributed to the fashion division of the magazine. A highlight was writing for the Bachelor of Fashion (Honours) Graduate Show, The Line Up, where Catalyst magazine featured in the show’s giftbags.

My fervid interest in fashion extends far beyond the love of a skirt or a pair of shoes.

Interested in challenging perceptions of the trivial nature of fashion, I aim to create a considered and thought provoking dialogue about fashion (with the odd preach about a pretty dress sprinkled in).

Feel free to contact via email at


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