Erik Jensen talk (Tutorial exercise #4)

Survival of The Saturday Paper 

By Anastasia McInerney

The Saturday Paper editor has said changing reader-writer relationships is the next step

forward for the weekly newspaper in a talk this morning.

Erik Jensen said town hall scale events would create a different “audience engagement” in a discussion with first-year RMIT journalism students this morning.

“It’s the beginning of a bigger conversation with readers,” Jensen said.

The editor said audiences “engage more aggressively” in big issues than previously.

“Formats have changed but people’s fundamental expectations haven’t,” he said.

He saidThe Saturday Paper aimed to continue “somewhat indefinitely” in print, “complemented by web-only pages”.

Jensen said he wanted to create a “physical and conversational world” that is “real and accessible” and “more than words on a page”.

“People want the world curated,” he said.

He said by having a “specific niche” The Saturday Paper will survive “at least a decade in print”.

“Serving an audience we know well is our job,” the editor said.

Jensen said he wanted the weekly to become a “ritual habit” for readers, an “indulgence” much the same as a “coffee or croissant”.

“Print remains the best place to read long-form journalism,” Jensen said.

The Saturday Paper continues to bring an investigative analysis of world stories with a “deliberate 32 pages”.


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