Quote style (Tutorial exercise #2)


Prime Minister Robert Lang said he was “confident” of increasing his government’s majority by seats while campaigning at a press conference in Melbourne.

“Such is the disarray of the Opposition,” the Prime Minister said.


Melbourne is set for a new $16 million prison remand centre.

“The cost will be about $16 million,” Mr Williams said.

Mr Williams announced the “plan” at a press conference at Parliament House in Melbourne.


Portait artist Terence Philby said “dull orthodox paintings” win the Hendrix Prize for Portraiture.

Philby said “truly creative works” are lacking last night at the exhibition launch of his own work in Carlton.


John Beaumont, convicted murderer, said he was “innocent” after being sentenced to 25 years jail for stabbing a security guard last June.

“I’ve been framed by the cops,” said Mr Beaumont from the dock at the Victorian County Court.


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