Reporting in a multi-cultural society (Tutorial exercise #8)

Headscarves Banned in Netball Competition

by Anastasia McInerney

Muslim girls from City West Netball Club were banned from wearing headscarves in State competition yesterday.

State Netball Association President Sharon Ball said it was “ridiculous” when girls are “forced to cover up”.

“I am not racist,” said Ms Ball.

Mona Samander, mother of one of the girls, said the banning of headscarves was “extreme” and added to “feelings of alienation and victimisation”.

What are the ethical dilemmas in this story?

One ethical dilemma involves avoiding placing unnecessary emphasis on a particular culture, while maintaining full disclosure and being able to actually produce a piece of news. Also, stereotypes of anyone involved must be avoided to ensure accuracy of information. Quotes and comments must be balanced across sources.

Who else to interview?

Interviewing Muslim girls from the City West Netball Club would be advisable to gain an insight from the stakeholders personally involved. Interviewing girls from the same club of non-Muslim decent would also be useful to ensure balance. Also interviewing a non-Muslim mother from the same group would further the notion of balance. All girls underage would be interviewed under parental consent. In order to represent the Muslim community I would contact the President of the Islamic Council of Victoria Ghaith Krayem on 9328 2067 or


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