COMM 2654 (Tutorial exercise #1): Pop Culture narrative

Monsters Inc, human

Anastasia McInerney

July 20, 2015

Child found in Monstroplis

A human child was running loose in monster city Monstroplis yesterday.

The Child Detection Agency is currently searching for the child, known as “Boo”, who poses a threat to the city where human children are believed to be lethally toxic.

James P. Sullivan and Mike Wazowski, employees of the city’s power company Monsters Inc, were responsible for the child’s entry following a shift on the “scare floor”.

The child was spotted entering a restaurant with Mr Sullivan, alerting the CDA to conduct a city-wide search.

It is alleged Sullivan deactivated Boo’s door, the entry to children’s bedrooms, which prevents Boo from returning to the human world.

Sullivan’s rival Randall Boggs agreed to help return Boo to the human world, but intended to kidnap Boo to extract her screams through a machine.

Sullivan is currently searching for Mr Wazowski, who Randall kidnapped thinking it was Boo.


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