COMM 2654 (Tutorial exercise #3): Janette Chantry

Moonee Valley, real estate

Anastasia McInerney

24 August, 2015

Moonee Valley house prices soar

Escalating house prices in Moonee Valley are pushing young people out of the property market.

Moonee Valley City Councillor Janette Chantry said property developers were buying young people out of “prime real estate” in a lecture at RMIT this morning.

“I would advocate you stay home with your parents,” Cr Chantry said.

Cr Chantry said developers’ plans for “multi-unit developments” would create an “unliveable” space for Moonee Valley residents.

“As a small suburban area we don’t want this kind of infrastructure,” Cr Chantry said.

Chantry said the “ageing population” who was “born, bred and will probably die” in the area are “happy” in current properties.

“Leave our residential streets as they are,” Cr Chantry said.

Cr Chanty said Moonee Valley was “bulging at the seams” with a population growth of two percent per year.

According to the Moonee Valley City Council website, a draft of a new Housing Strategy will be consulted in early 2016 to accommodate for the “growing city”.


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