bail, drug

Anastasia McInerney

September 23, 2015

Brimbank Leader

“Naked” and “confused”

A Keilor East man was refused bail yesterday, not having showered and unable to change into clean clothes before being held in custody.

The defendant was arrested the afternoon before, breaching an interim family intervention order with a visit to his mother’s house to shower, the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court heard.

The defendant’s mother called the police at 5.30 pm who arrested the “naked” and “confused” son, police informant Raelyn Conway said.

“The accused may have been in a drug induced psychosis, and therefore unfit for interviewing,” Ms Conway told the court.

The defendant refused medical attention for smashing a photo frame with his fist at his partner’s residence in Roxborough Park at 1.30 pm, before visiting his mother’s home.

Ms Conway said the partner would “not sign a statement” or allow the police to take photos of the scene.

The accused had four accounts of violence this year, with one in 2014 against his mother.

The defendant committed offences while on bail previously, and failed to appear at a bail hearing.

Ms Conway said the defendant did not seek treatment for his drug habits which began at the age of 14.

The accused said he required a 50 milligram dose of methadone daily.

“They leave you for dead. I was throwing up consistently for five to six hours,” the defendant told the court.

The defendant said he didn’t get “much sleep” while in custody when questioned about prior mental health diagnoses.

“There is no diagnosis, I’m fine. The only problem I have is being disrespected,” the defendant said.

Magistrate Moloney said the defendant was to visit an Acute Assessment Centre and see a nurse for the prescription of


Magistrate Moloney adjourned the interim family intervention order to be heard in October at the Broadmeadow’s Magistrates’ Court.


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