Hottest Bridal Trends for 2016: MyWeddingConcierge

So you’ve found the dress, booked the venue, sent out the wedding invitations and sampled the menu. But what about your makeup? While makeup trends are ever-changing, with a full brow fashionable one season and a heavy winged eyeliner the next, opting for a more subtle look for your wedding will ensure you don’t cringe at your wedding photos in years to come. Teal eyeshadow may have swept its way across the spring/summer 2016 ready-to-wear runways, but it’s not the best option for your ‘something blue’. Let’s take a look at what the top designers are pairing with their gowns.

Carolina Herrera Bridal Spring/Summer 2016 Runway Show
NEW YORK, NY – APRIL 17: A model walks the runway during the Carolina Herrera Bridal Spring/Summer 2016 Runway Show on April 17, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Randy Brooke/Getty Images)

Carolina Herrera bridal spring 2016

Coming up roses: Take inspiration from your bouquet. Rosy tones like blush pink on the cheeks provides a fresh, youthful complexion that will have your doting aunty crown you as the ‘blushing bride’. Pair flushed cheeks with a creamy lip in a matching shade to compliment the skin. Want to take it a step further? A reflective pink eyeshadow can be a unexpected deviation from the typical golden tones, and when done subtly can look stunning. Think more By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Frozen Quartz, less NYX Primal Colours in Hot Pink.

Image: Randy Brooke/Getty


Marchesa Bridal Spring 2016

White now: Ditch the heavy black eyeliner and opt for a white eyeliner instead. Definitely one for the more contemporary bride interested in all things fashionable and envelope pushing. Marchesa paired their white lined eyes with minimalistic skin and a pink lip, but a little more mascara on the lashes would make this look even more wearable. Perhaps one to give a trial run before the big day.

Image: Getty/ Thomas Concordia


Lela Rose Bridal Spring 2016

Coral me cute: light orange shades on the cheeks, eyes and lips create a cohesive makeup look. Especially for spring or summer weddings, warm salmon pinks and bright corals really speak to the season. Lela Rose emphasises light reflecting, glowing formulas to keep things light and ethereal. And while coral looks beautiful on light skin tones, this look would especially complement darker skin tones and make warmer complexions really glow.

Image: Getty/ Thomas Concordia


Pamella Roland Bridal Spring 2016

Step in line: while Pamella Roland used the reoccurring trends of fresh skin and pink lips, the models’ subtly rimmed eyes and fluttering eyelashes stole the show. Contrasted with the white of the wedding dress, subtly lining the eyes can draw attention to the face and prevent brides from looking washed out. Thickening the lash line by applying mascara to the very root of the lash can make the lashes appear thicker without the need for false eyelashes. Want to go all out? Applying individual false lashes would work best in adding volume where needed (such as the outer corners), but choosing a strip lash with an invisible or thin band would also work.

Image: Getty/ Randy Brooke


Oscar de la Renta Bridal Spring 2016

Light of my life: the contouring trend may be taking over the makeup scene in recent years, but gaunt cheekbones aren’t as desirable for your wedding day. Cheekbones can become a feature by using highlighter. Rather than creating shadow through contour, highlighter brings forward the features you want to emphasise and creates a celestial glow in the process. Using a cream highlighter creates a more natural look, and prevents the harsh glitter that is present in some powders. The models’ complexions demonstrated this glow as they walked down the runway for Oscar de la Renta.

Image: Getty/ Slaven Vlasic

Take your pick from the bridal makeup trends for Spring 2016 and alter it to suit you and your complexion. All at once may be a little much, but consulting with a makeup artist can help you deicide what will work best. Perhaps blue eyeshadow is the way to go? Just make sure to send me a photo to challenge my perception.


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