First published in Catalyst Magazine ‘The Passion Issue’: Issue 2, Edition 72 under Regulars: Fashion

Designer spotlight: Anna Lindell

Swedish-born Anna Lindell doesn’t cycle in Melbourne. It’s probably down to the tram-bus-car-pedestrian situation. But while this 2015 RMIT Bachelor of Fashion Design (Honours) graduate might not be reinventing the wheel, she sure is repurposing the tyre.

The success of her graduate collection didn’t come from using traditional textiles. Walking into a bike repair shop in Richmond one day, Lindell picked up broken rubber tubes and just started experimenting.

“I used to study a bit of sustainability and eco friendly approaches to living when I was younger, so it has always been an attractive aspect to me,” she says.

She ingeniously sliced down bike tyre tubes into smaller strips and then into yarn balls. And while the baby powder stains from dusting her knitting needles may have left their mark at RMIT, Lindell is making her own stamp on Australian fashion.

Lindell’s graduate collection landed her a spot on the National Graduate Showcase runway at this year’s Virgin Australia Fashion Festival. Hand picked as one of the nation’s leading gradates, she was one of 12 to be nominated for the coveted title.

“It’s a time where you’re not pressed by the industry. You don’t have to make money out of your collection, you’re not working for a company trying to make money. It’s absolute freedom. Years and years from now I think I’d like to go back and look at other graduates and look at what they’re doing,” Lindell says.

Though Lindell may say she doesn’t like being the centre of attention, she’s been featured in Fashion Journal and Melbourne Girl. While others are jet setting overseas, we have the privilege of keeping Lindell close.

“I like Melbourne and their culture in arts and fashion, so I think I’m going to stay here for a little bit longer.”



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