Bridal Hairstyles for a Winery Weddings: MyWeddingConcierge

Having your ceremony at a winery amongst the twisting vines, manicured grass and delicate flowers? A winery wedding is the epitome of romance. With a beautiful setting comes the need for a suitably charming hairstyle. Forget ultra sleek, perfectly placed tresses. The winery wedding gives host to a look that’s a a little more undone. That’s not to say that you can wake up and put through a little dry shampoo and be done; it’s all about relaxed elegance. The whole appeal of looking perfectly undone like you managed to roll out of bed in that state, often takes more time to achieve than a more refined look. Have a read through the hairstyles that would suit a winery wedding. A pen and a notepad are optional. A glass of wine is imperative.

Braids on braids on braids 


Ever wanted to try the boxer braids everyone seems to be assimilating? This triple (quadruple?) braided hairstyle is a contemporary take on bridal hair, alluding to modern fashion to create a visually stunning look. Blend dutch braids with fishtails, plaits with rope braids. More texture and complexity will create a unique hairstyle unlike any other typical up-do. Can’t seem to remember how to braid past the simple plaits from your primary school days? There a countless Youtube tutorials that you can watch while you practice in front of a mirror. The appeal of this hairstyle is that braids can turn out differently each time depending on how loose or tight you make them, so work with the braids, not against them. Of course you can also hire a professional hair stylist to create the look for you if hair just isn’t your thing. Make sure you bring along some photos for inspiration and a basic idea of the braids you would like. Remember: fishtails are good. Cornrows? Not so much.

Flowers: Not just for your bouquet


If you’re feeling a little left out of the Lana Del Rey/Coachella flower crown trend, incorporating some blooms into your hairstyle is a great way to nod to the scenery at a winery wedding. Using flowers that compliment or are the same as the ones in your bouquet is a great way to add uniformity to the entire look, and carry through the feel of romance. I would avoid against the look of a flower crown atop your head as it can be a little too trendy for a wedding. For a more timeless look, slick your hair into a low chignon and place a band of flowers on top horizontally like the photo. This will aid to keep hair out of your face and ensure you look great from all angles, especially when walking down the aisle. However, wearing fresh flowers can be tricky. Make sure to look up some tricks online how to keep flowers looking fresh and how to properly attach them (hint: keep flowers in water or refrigerated right before using, and using U-shaped hairpins for larger flowers and smaller pins for more delicate flowers). The right bloom choice is also vital for longevity, so do your research and even speak with a florist if need be.

Did someone call for the milkman?


Braids again? Here me out on this one. This is a way to incorporate the braid trend into an undo hairstyle. It has all the vibes of the Oslen twins in the best way possible. One of the most appealing features of this style is that it is essentially two straightforward plaits crossed over one another. Pulling at the braids and leaving wispy fronts keeps the hairstyle undone and relaxed. It’s not always the first thing you imagine when you think of bridal hairstyles which maintains a level of unexpectedness. And out of all of the trends mentioned, this one is definitely the most romantic. It has this look of youthfulness which is stunning, especially when paired with a lace dress. For a look as dreamy as your venue, this is the go.

The only way is up


The half-up-half-down hairstyle is one that brides go to time and time again. It’s the perfect way to have the best of both worlds; an updo mixed with the length of a hair-down style. This style works the best with brides who have medium to long hair, as waving the lengths adds to a feeling of effortlessness, far from the tight curls of a pageant queen. Twisting the hair from the temples and securing it at the back of the head is one of the easiest ways to create a half up style. Want to make it a little fancy? Try pinning the hair with a jewelled pin, or an amazing brooch fashioned into a hair pin (see Lauren Conrad and TheBeautyDepartment for drool-worthy inspiration). You could even place little flowers in the twist to emulate the the flower idea discussed earlier. As evident, the possibilities with this hairstyle are infinite. A great one as a base starting idea, or even one for brides whose dress is heavily embellished or more showy.

As with any pre-wedding preparation, organisation is key. Trawl through Pintrest to find some inspiration, consult a hair stylist if you want the help of a professional, or scroll through Youtube to find out how to begin to tackle a fishtail braid. I would recommend trialling the hairstyle you want for your wedding, as factors such as hair type, colour, length and even weather conditions can be a factor. And if, like me, hair is an oversight most of the time, get started now.


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