Ideas for Bucks & Hens Parties in Newcastle: MyWeddingConcierge


Thinking of what to plan for your Bucks or Hens night? Happen to be having it in Newcastle? Even if you’re not, ditch your plans and book it in. There are some unique things to do and see in Newcastle that just so happen to be perfect for a Bucks/Hens night. For an experience a little more special and a little less risqué, look towards these ideas for a night that you will enjoy. And remember.

Sand Dune Port Stephens Quad Biking

When your idea of adventure isn’t stumbling the streets at 3am trying to hail a taxi home, quad biking the sand dunes of Port Stephens could be the ultimate Bucks party. Everyone’s done four wheel driving and have probably driven a quad bike in their lives, so why not take it to the next level? I’m sure your mates will love you for it. And your fiancee probably won’t hate you for it either.

With a basic lesson on quad bike riding, you’ll soon be on the Stockton Beach sand dunes having the time of your life. It’s the perfect stress relief if all the pre-wedding preparation has been a little much. The unique thing about Sand Dune Adventures it that they own and control private sand dunes that aren’t open to the public, so you’ll get an unparalleled experience that will have everyone wishing they thought of it first.

Prices start from $110pp 

Private Charter Cruise

If you’ve got a big group and are struggling for ideas for a venue, a boat cruise is an excellent way to spend the night, while still enjoying Newcastle’s scenery. Perfect for a Hens or a Bucks with a group of over 30 guests, enjoy some bubbly and appetisers while you take in Newcastle’s harbour.

Not as formal as a regular venue, guests can move about the boat, catching different views of the bay. You can also escape that friend you had to invite just because you partner is friends with their partner, and skip on all the embarrassing stories your uncle might be blabbing about. I’ll take the stern, you take the bow, Uncle Ned.

Prices start from $54 for a Cocktail Cruise

Hen’s Treasure Hunt 

Want an event that you can invite your mum, aunty and even your grandmother to without internally dying of embarrassment? According to the Hens Treasure Hunt site, they don’t include “strippers, drinking games, or embarrassing challenges”. No questionable drinking straws to be seen, but it may involve a few drinks.

With your group of girls you will split up into two teams and use the clues to seek out the best places in Newcastle. Meeting some men along the way is somewhat inevitable, though it seems no one is complaining! And don’t forget, this is not the Amazing Race. They recommend you leave your heels at home in favour of some more practical shoes (*boo*) so you don’t hobble your way to the last meeting place. With cute prizes to be won along the way and one for the hen, it’s a fun experience that will sure to be all over Instagram the next morning. And a photo you won’t need to report in fear of losing your job over. Win-win for everyone.

Prices start from $48pp

Hunter Valley Hens Party Cooking Class 

Looking for something with class, elegance and style? With a little bit of booze and a whole lot of food? A cooking class in the Hunter Valley, Newcastle’s famous wine region, is a perfect way to spend a Hen’s Party. Forget a big night out that you never make it to because you underestimated the power of pre-drinks. A five hour, three course lunch or dinner made from scratch using organic ingredients allows a bride and her bridal party/girlfriends to unwind from the stress of the lead up to the big day and enjoy some quality time together. Going dancing might be fun, but not being able to have a conversation because the music is blaring isn’t all that great.

The class also involves a tour of the vineyard and and additional course of fine cheeses. Love the sound of it? You could even make it into a weekend trip and book a stay in the Hunter Valley. Grape vines as far as the eye can see, wine on hand and a cheese factory around the bend? Sounds pretty heavenly.

Starting price of $160

While inflatable plastic unmentionables picked up from the local two dollar shop and girls parading in next to nothing are the go to’s for a hens/bucks night, taking advantage of Newcastle’s beautiful scenery is something not to miss. For something memorable and just as enjoyable look a little outside the norm. Especially in Newcastle, what’s not to find?


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